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Ausrocks core business is Mine, Quarry and Tunnel Engineering. From resource assessments to site surveying, and trucking studies to full quarry development planning, Ausrocks can assist with your needs for your site.
Ausrocks supplies Gabion kits and rock through its new company Caged Rock, visit


Ausrocks, along with out associates, have extensive mining engineering capabilities and can assist you with your project's needs in respect to:

JORC compliant resource assessments

Resource modelling and evaluation

Quarry planning and extraction scheduling

Drill and blast design

Production process design

Trucking studies, including underground trucks and ventilation requirements

Geotechnical reviews

Acting Senior Site Executive (QLD)

Materials Quality Management Plans (MQMP)

Quarry Assessment Reports (QAR)

Tunnel and tunnel spoil placement design

End of life landuse design


Ausrocks, along with out associates, can provide high-level surveying for the Quarrying industry's needs including:

Drone aerial surveying and photogrammetric 3D mapping: accurate, low cost surveying for mines and quarries

LiDAR 3D mapping

Differential GPS surveying

Stockpile surveying and volume calculations


Ausrocks has successfully project managed many quarry development application projects large and small and has the ability and experience to manage your quarry project from start to finish, particularly dealing with:

Co-ordination of assocites

Project budgeting & scheduling

Communication and documentation of project progression

Problem solving


Ausrocks through director Alan Robertson has completed over 50 valuations dating back to 1990. Alan is qualified to undertake these valuations as he is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Fellow of the Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA) and a Registered Professional Engineer, Queensland (RPEQ 5642). Alan is also a Competent Person in accordance with the Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and ore Reserve (the JORC Code) and the Code and Guidelines for Technical Assessment and/or Valuation of Mineral and Petroleum Assets and Mineral and Petroleum Securities for Independent Expert Reports (VALMIN Code). Alan is assisted by Managing Director Carl Morandy and Mining Engineer Dale Brown.

The Ausrocks approach to valuations reflects the principals of the VALMIN code, with the level of detail assessed on a case to case basis with general methodology as follows:
        ▪ Geological Analysis (Site Visit, Resource Estimation, Review of Sales)
        ▪ Operating Assumptions (CAPEX, OPEX, estimate of staff, equipment requirements, sales
        ▪ Marketing Report (Product Demand)
        ▪ Valuation utlising in most case two techniques (Market-Based, Cost-based or Income Based)
          with sensitivity analysis for range of values.

Please contact us for a list of recent valuation projects completed by the Ausrocks team.


Ausrocks are quarrying/mining engineering consultants to the Australian Quarrying and Mining industry specialising:

  ▪ JORC Compliant Resource Modelling &
  ▪ Staged Quarry/Mine Plans
  ▪ Quarry Development Plans
  ▪ Tenure Management
  ▪ Drill & Blast
  ▪ Environmental Management Plans
  ▪ Marketing Assessments
  ▪ Pre-Feasibility/Feasibility Studies
  ▪ Quarry/Small Mine Valuations to VALMIN
     standard (if required).


Ausrocks has prepared valuations for major banks which include National Australia Bank (NAB) and Westpac preferred by clients for valuations because:

  ▪ We have a full range of project development
     experience from resource drilling to planning,
     quarry closure and have a “hands on”
  ▪ We have a database of current quarry
     valuations and sales for hard rock, sand,
     sandstone, limestone, and marble quarries
  ▪ We are recommended by the IQA as valuation
  ▪ We have significant experience in quarry
     operations, planning and assessment


Ausrocks has the following insurance policies for non-bankable valuation purposes which can be provided upon request:

  ▪ Professional Indemnity $5M
  ▪ Work Cover Queensland
  ▪ Public Liability $20M



A robust design tool used extensively in the mining and quarrying industry. It has a wide range of applications to suit varying projects including block model development and evaluation as well as open cut or underground mine design.


A Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping and design tool that allows for correctly geo-referenced planning, mapping and design in 2D and 3D.

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