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Ausrocks engineers have significant experience in health, safety and environmental management. From safety auditing to regular water testing and dust monitoring programmes. Ausrocks can assist with the HSE needs for your site.


Ausrocks has extensive experience on small mines and quarries dealing with all aspects of safety and health management. From full safety and health management systems, to operator effectiveness and compliance auditing, Ausrocks has the capability to help move you into and then beyond compliance, improving the safety culture of your operation which often leads to improved productivity.


In April 2019, Financial Assurance (FA) requirements for resource activities under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (QLD) were replaced with the Financial Provisioning Scheme (FPS) under the Mineral and Energy Resource (Financial Provisioning) Act 2018. This essentially means that any organisation (or individual) holding a resource activity Environmental Authority (EA) will have to go through a new process of determining their rehabilitation liability which involves an Estimated Rehabilitation Cost (ERC) calculation in place of the old FA calculator.

In our experience it isn’t as simple as just inputting the old disturbance figures into the new ERC calculator, the disturbance figures are now required to be supplied to the department in a very specific shapefile format, which is difficult to achieve using any other software than ArcGIS. There have been significant changes to areas of the calculator and some inputs are no longer available, we find that the new ERC calculator is less flexible for small operations (where liability is <$1million). Generally third-party quotes are required to avoid the exorbitant default values, but the format for third-party quotes have also been updated with additional information being required, making it harder to get a ‘conforming quote’ from a third-party organisation. If your organisation is struggling to come to terms with the new ERC calculator, then Ausrocks can assist with one or more of the following options;

  • Assistance to convert old FA estimates into the new ERC calculator
  • Conversion of shapefiles to be accepted by the spatial submission tool
  • Sourcing conforming third-party quotes for user defined inputs
  • Performing an assessment of your ERC calculator to ensure accurate reporting of your liability and look for savings or shortfalls based on our experience in similar sites.

  • Call us on (07) 3265 3399 for more on how we can assist with the ERC calculation of your operation to ensure you aren’t getting lost in the assessment process or handing over more money than you need to, and turn your FA nightmare into sweet FA, with Ausrocks.


    Ausrocks along with our associates, can produce detailed environmental management plans for your mine or quarry site to ensure your operation's compliance with legislative requirements. These plans include but are not limited to:

    Site Based Management Plans

    Stormwater Management Plans

    Bushfire Management Plans

    Visual Amenity Plans

    Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

    Pollution Incident Response Managment Plans

    Cultural Heritage Management Plans

    Noise and Vibration Management Plans

    Air Quality Management Plans

    Pest and Weed Management Plans

    Rehabilitation Management Plans

    Waste Management Plans


    Ausrocks engineers and associates have the relevant experience and NATA qualifications to conduct site Environmental Monitoring programmes for your site including:

    Dust Monitoring

    Water Monitoring

    Noise Monitoring

    Vibration Monitoring

    Monitoring can be carried out proactively or in response to a community complaint. Ausrocks are able to project manage the environmental monitoring programme and liaise with the administering authority to interpret results and achieve the best outcome for your site.


    Ausrocks can create and conduct a dust monitoring programme for your site, providing necessary information for Mine Planning and adhering to development conditions.
    Ausrocks can also supply ready to assemble Gravimetric Dust Monitors with Instructions which are in accordance with AS2922-1987 and AS3580.10.1:2003. Gravimetric Sampling is primarily used to establish long term trends and localised dustfall.


    Ausrocks can provide detailed site-specific weather data for your site. We provide and install basic or sophisticated weather stations with multiple sensors to collect the data which is then accessed on site. Arrangements can be made for direct purchase or monthly serviced rental. Data collected includes:


    Absolute & Relative Humidity

    Wind Speed & Direction

    Wind Chill Factor


    Rain & Rain Intensity

    Once data has been collected from the weather station we then graph the information and provide short and long term trends for your site. Ausrocks can also model the site-specific wind trend data in situ with the topography, in the form of a geographically referenced Wind Rose graph, allowing for better dust and noise modelling and planning.

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